Component: NEXON CO. LTD

This page provides basic information about selected index components, the names of indices in which a selected component is included and a component's weight in the resepctive index.

Component Overview
ISIN JP3758190007
Country Japan (JP)
Performance (YTD) -9.26%
Performance (1-day) -2.47%
Index Participation Weight Full Market Cap
MVIS® South Korea Index 1.0681% 17,658,782,000 USD
MVIS® South Korea Equal Weight Index 1.1711% 17,658,782,000 USD
MVIS® Global Video Gaming & eSports Index 3.2693% 17,658,782,000 USD
MVIS® Global Video Gaming & eSports (AUD) Index 3.5494% 20,917,948,000 AUD
BlueStar® Global Online Gambling, Video Gaming and eSports Index 1.1804% 17,658,782,000 USD
BlueStar® E-Games Index 2.3963% 22,355,997,000 USD
MarketVector Global Video Gaming & eSports ESG Index 3.1896% 17,658,782,000 USD
ETHO MarketVector Global Climate Positive Index 0.2012% 17,658,782,000 USD
MarketVector Japan Quality Tilt ESG Index 0.1891% 16,563,909,000 EUR
MarketVector Global Metaverse and e-Games ESG Index 1.0200% 16,563,909,000 EUR