Sygnum Platform Winners Index

The aim of the Sygnum Platform Winners Index ('MOON') is to track the financial performance of the largest native tokens of original protocols. The index reflects the trend towards blockchain protocols forming the basis of economic activity in future, while eliminating the risk of any individual protocol failing or being superseded by better technology.


The Sygnum Platform Winners Index counts currently 9 components. The full list of the components with the respective weights (as of latest close) is available below.

Items 1-9 of total 9
Component Weight
Bitcoin 43.42%
Ethereum 27.25%
Solana 9.49%
Binance Coin 8.33%
Cardano 5.13%
Polkadot 4.01%
EOS 1.10%
Tezos 0.91%
NEO 0.36%
Items 1-9 of total 9