MarketVector Digital Assets 5 Index

The MarketVector Digital Assets 5 Index (MVDA5) is a modified market cap-weighted index which tracks the performance of the 5 largest and most liquid digital assets. Most demanding size and liquidity screenings are applied to potential index components to ensure investability.

Key Features

Size and Liquidity RequirementsTop 5 components of MarketVector Digital Assets 100 Index by size and liquidity.
Monthly average-daily-trading volume of at least 1 mln USD at review.
DiversificationComponent weightings are capped at 35%.
IndexLast CloseOpenLastChangeChange (1Y)Range (1Y)
13,301.91 13,301.91 --95.32%1,767.21 - 40,767.96
Symbol IndexName
MVDA5 MarketVector Digital Assets 5 Price Index