Licensed Products

MarketVector Indexes GmbH licenses the MarketVectorTM Indexes to financial institutions for use as the basis for investment products. The Indexes published on this website are owned by MarketVector Indexes GmbH and the trademarks used in the Indexes are the intellectual property of Van Eck Associates Corporation.

A license agreement is required to use Indexes, Index data or trademarks for any commercial purpose, or for research and analysis, or for the issuance, launch, promotion or marketing of financial products such as exchange-traded products, mutual funds, certificates, derivatives, swaps, bonds or OTC products linked to or based on MarketVectorTM Indexes.

Please contact us for information on obtaining a license.

80 MarketVectorTM Indexes are licensed to financial institutions to underlie 99 exchange-traded products with in total USD 27.33 billion of assets under management. The information provided here is updated daily and provides the full list of licensed Indexes and the corresponding financial products.

Index TickerIndex NameAUM (mln USD)
MVAFKMVIS® GDP Africa Index 43.98
MVBBHMVIS® US Listed Biotech 25 Index 489.39
MVBIZDMVIS® US Business Development Companies Index 639.45
MVBJKMVIS® Global Gaming Index 92.60
MVBRFMVIS® Brazil Small-Cap Index 23.69
MVEGPTMVIS® Egypt Index 13.57
MVFLTRMVIS® US Investment Grade Floating Rate Index 1,211.36
MVGDXJMVIS® Global Junior Gold Miners Index 4,853.61
MVIDXMVIS® Indonesia Index 31.30
MVMOOMVIS® Global Agribusiness Index 1,244.65
MVMORTMVIS® US Mortgage REITs Index 178.66
MVNLRMVIS® Global Uranium & Nuclear Energy Index 53.57
MVOIHMVIS® US Listed Oil Services 25 Index 2,350.35
MVPPHMVIS® US Listed Pharmaceutical 25 Index 374.18
MVREMXMVIS® Global Rare Earth/Strategic Metals Index 690.33
MVRSXMVIS® Russia Index 32.72
MVRSXJMVIS® Russia Small-Cap Index 0.34
MVRTHMVIS® US Listed Retail 25 Index 144.52
MVSMHMVIS® US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index 7,733.48
MVVNMMVIS® Vietnam Index 514.03
MVMVRMVIS® Australia Resources (AUD) Index 209.07
MVMVBMVIS® Australia Banks (AUD) Index 119.46
MVMVAMVIS® Australia A-REITs (AUD) Index 396.27
MVMVWMVIS® Australia Equal Weight (AUD) Index 1,153.16
MVMVSMVIS® Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers (AUD) Index 30.85
MVCRAKMVIS® Global Oil Refiners Index 36.90
MVESPOMVIS® Global Video Gaming & eSports Index 288.95
MVEINCMVIS® North America Energy Infrastructure Index 27.42
BBRMarketVector Bitcoin Benchmark Rate Index 344.49
MVBTCVMarketVector Bitcoin VWAP Close Index 156.43
MVSMCMVIS® US Listed Semiconductor 10% Capped ESG Index 864.22
MVESPOAMVIS® Global Video Gaming & eSports (AUD) Index 49.05
BGTHBlueStar® Israel Global Technology Index 104.76
BLSBlueStar® Israel Global Index 58.01
MVBIMVIS® Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond Index 8.34
MVCIMVIS® Moody's Analytics US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index 12.53
ROROATAC Risk-On/Risk-Off Domestic Index 8.96
MVETHVMarketVector Ethereum VWAP Close Index 72.37
MVHTWOMVIS® Global Hydrogen Economy ESG Index 107.65
BFIVGBlueStar® 5G Communications Index 683.84
MVDAPPMVIS® Global Digital Assets Equity Index 48.94
MVSMOGMVIS® Global Low Carbon Energy Index 198.68
BCRUZBlueStar® Hotels, Airlines, and Cruises Index 49.72
BHDROBlueStar® Hydrogen and NextGen Fuel Cell Index 37.34
EBRMarketVector Ethereum Benchmark Rate Index 179.89
JOJOATAC Credit-On/Credit-Off Index 5.11
BTOURBlueStar® Travel and Vacation Index 17.07
BVGOGBlueStar® Global Online Gambling, Video Gaming and eSports Index 0.75
BRB3DBlueStar® Global Robotics & 3D Printing Index 1.57
BBIDSBlueStar® Global E-Brokers and Digital Capital Markets Index 0.34
MVDOTVMarketVector Polkadot VWAP Close Index 1.78
MVSOLVMarketVector Solana VWAP Close Index 6.44
MVTRXVMarketVector TRON VWAP Close Index 62.35
MVSPCMVIS® Global Space Industry ESG Index 6.65
BUALTBlueStar® Top 10 US Listed Alternative Asset Managers Index 1.78
MVFOFMVIS® Global Future of Food ESG Index 6.87
MVGMETMVIS® Global Clean-Tech Metals Index 24.61
MVAVAXVMarketVector Avalanche VWAP Close Index 5.53
MVMATICVMarketVector Polygon VWAP Close Index 1.57
MVDINDMVIS® Digital India Index 1.35
MVFHCMVIS® Global Future Healthcare ESG Index 6.50
MVLEADVMarketVector Crypto Leaders VWAP Close Index 6.25
MVALGOVMarketVector Algorand VWAP Close Index 10.58
MVFTTVMarketVector FTX Token VWAP Close Index 0.03
MVDAMMVIS® Global Digital Assets Mining Index 1.24
MVBIONMVIS® Global Bionic Healthcare ESG Index 5.44
MVCIRCMVIS® Global Circular Economy ESG Index 5.81
MVLINKVMarketVector Chainlink VWAP Close Index 1.02
MVSCLEVMarketVector Smart Contract Leaders VWAP Close Index 0.92
MVSCBRMarketVector Smart Contract Leaders Brazil Index 0.45
MVMEBRMarketVector Media & Entertainment Leaders Brazil Index 0.66
BLOGRBlueStar® Global Logistics Index 18.51
BQTUMBlueStar® Machine Learning and Quantum Computing Index 116.12
MVNUCLMarketVector Gl. Uranium and Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Index 5.33
BAIPRBlueStar® Artificial Intelligence Index 2.12
MVBRDEMarketVector Brazil Domestic Exposure (BRL) Index 0.15
MVBRSVMarketVector Brazil Small-Cap Value (BRL) Index 0.14
MVBRGEMarketVector Brazil Global Exposure (BRL) Index 0.19
MVESPGMarketVector Global Video Gaming & eSports ESG Index 528.73
MVVNMLMarketVector Vietnam Local Index 514.03

The information provided here reflects the list of licensed indexes with publicly available assets under management.