MarketVector Indexes announces rule changes for MVBI and MVCI effective November 1, 2022

FRANKFURT, Germany (September 23, 2022) – MarketVector Indexes GmbH announces the following rule changes for review of the MVIS® Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond (MVBI) and the MVIS® Moody's Analytics US Investment Grade Corporate Bond (MVCI) indexes.

Effective after close on October 31, 2022, the following changes will be made:

  • All bonds from the index universe are grouped into 12 buckets (formerly 10 buckets) by sector and effective duration. The sectors at this step are defined as financial and non-financial and the duration ranges are 0-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-7 years, 7-10 years, 10-15 years and 15-1000 years.
  • Alpha Factor (“AF”) will be derived by a formula-based calculation (formerly based on Moody’s Analytics’ definition).
  • If a bond does not have a deterioration probability (“DP”), zero will be used instead.

The amended Index Guide will be available for download at after close on October 31, 2022.

Kind regards,

MarketVector IndexesTM