MarketVector Indexes Announces Rule Changes for the MVGDXJ Index

FRANKFURT, Germany (April 18, 2023) – MarketVector IndexesTM ("MarketVector") announces the following rule changes effective with the implementation of the quarterly review in June, or the following semi-annual June review, respectively.

The following rule changes will apply to MVIS® Global Junior Gold Miners Index (MVGDXJ):

  • The index review and rebalance will take place in March and September. The index will rebalance in June and December. 
  • Following weighting strategy will apply: The top 5 index components by float market capitalization will get 7%, 6.5%, 6%, 5.5%, and 5% and all index components below the top 5 will be capped at 4.5% based on their float market capitalization. 
  • At each index review and rebalance (i.e. in March and September), the top 5 index components will be recorded. At each index rebalance (i.e. in June and December), the top 5 companies from the previous index review will receive the same weights (namely, 7%, 6.5%, 6%, 5.5%, and 5%), and all the rest of the index components will be capped at 4.5% based on their float market capitalization.
  • At an index rebalance, in case an index component from the top 5 does not exist anymore, the biggest index component by float market capitalization which is not in the top 5 will be moved up in rank. For example, if the biggest index component is acquired, the second biggest index component will be the biggest and the rest will also move up by one rank where 6th biggest in rank will be the 5th biggest. The biggest index component which is not in the top 5 will be determined based on market data on Wednesday before the second Friday of June and December.

Detailed information about the indexes, including methodology details and index data, is available on the MarketVector Indexes website.

Kind Regards,

MarketVector IndexesTM