MarketVector Indexes, SEBA Bank and Valour Launch the SEBA VALOUR Metaverse Index

Frankfurt (9 May 2022) – MarketVector Indexes and SEBA Bank today announced the launch of the SEBA VALOUR Metaverse Index (ticker: SVMETA).

The SEBA VALOUR Metaverse Index (ticker: SVMETA) provides exposure to crypto assets related to gaming, entertainment and social interactions within the virtual world. It is an investable index for tokens building for the Metaverse.

“We are happy to launch another index with SEBA Bank, and their partner Valour,” said Thomas Kettner, COO at MarketVector Indexes. “After SEBAX® already covers the broader crypto market, SVMETA focusses on the metaverse category, containing projects working on a virtual and augmented reality,” he continued.

“The metaverse is the next iteration of the internet. It is a 3D virtual world that will allow users to interact with their environments and other Metaverse users. Apart from its massive entertainment potential, the Metaverse is expected to create its own ecosystem of commercial avatars, thereby creating incredible investment opportunities,” said Gregory Mall, Head Investment Solutions at SEBA Bank. “The SEBAV Metaverse Index engineered by SEBA Bank in collaboration with MarketVector Indexes and Valour provides exposure to digital assets designed to capture the accelerating trends of gaming, entertainment and social interactions shifting into virtual environments. SEBA V constituents include tokens with exposure to the Metaverse which are selected based on their market capitalization and liquidity,” he continued.

“The metaverse is the next generation of internet, where virtual, augmented and physical reality is merged. It is a broad shift in how we interact with technology and with that, creates a lot of possibilities. The SEBA V Metaverse Index, created by Valour, SEBA Bank and MarketVector Indexes, is created by constituents of digital assets with exposure to the expanding Metaverse,” said Tommy Fransson, CEO at Valour.

It is a rules-based index which covers the CCCAGG pricing and is calculated in USD as a price index. The index is reviewed on a monthly basis. Detailed information about the index, including methodology details and index data, is available on the MarketVector Indexes website.


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