MarketVector Indexes - Thematic Pure-Play Indexes

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Joy Yang, Global Head of Index Product Management at MarketVector Indexes

Joy Yang, Global Head of Index Product Management at MarketVector IndexesTM, explains how pure-play indexes can be used to capture growth opportunities and target themes as they evolve. 

MarketVectorTM understands that traditional sector classifications are slow to adapt to changes and find it difficult to model innovative or disruptive business models because they are often different from the rest of the pack – that is the nature of disruption. Our Thematic indexing breaks away from bottom-up distinct industry classification and offers a top-down approach to classifying groups of companies driven by common macro factors. If properly constructed, using a pure-play approach, it allows portfolio managers and investors to achieve targeted, diversified exposures that correspond with their views. 

Our pure-play approach allows investors to target evolving investment themes, such as e-vehicles using BlueStar® Electric Vehicle Industry Index, with precision. 

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