21Shares Crypto Basket Index

The aim of the 21Shares Crypto Basket Index ('HODL5') is to track the financial performance of the top and most liquid crypto-assets as well as provide a professional benchmark for the broader crypto asset class.

Index Performance

Index performance of price, total return net and total return gross indexes is displayed in real-time.

Year-to-Date Performance-58.11%
1-Year Performance-52.81%
3-Year Performance170.97%
5-Year Performance344.36%
Since Inception (31 Dec 2016)5,915.92%

Index Records

Index highs and lows of price, total return net and total return gross indices are displayed in realtime.

All Time High/Low21,514.80 / 95.16
52-Weeks High/Low21,514.80 / 4,221.35
Quarter High/Low6,219.09 / 4,280.55
Month High/Low6,219.09 / 4,706.27

Index Correlation and Volatility

Index correlation to selected index peers and index volatility are updated daily.

Index Correlation
MVIS® CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100.8887
MVIS® CryptoCompare Digital Assets 1000.8940
Index Volatility
1-month Volatility79.61
1-year Volatility76.68