Universal Standard Diamonds Evaluation 100 Index

The index has been designed to capture the global market of cut and polished wholesale diamond industry based on sales volume (measured by amount of diamonds) of the Top 100 traded diamonds, from most to least.

Index Performance

Index performance of price, total return net and total return gross indexes is displayed in real-time.

Year-to-Date Performance-0.75%
1-Year Performance-13.77%
3-Year Performance10.63%
5-Year Performance-5.67%
Since Inception (15 Aug 2011)-36.31%

Index Records

Index highs and lows of price, total return net and total return gross indices are displayed in realtime.

All Time High/Low1,539.35 / 870.88
52-Weeks High/Low1,135.63 / 979.26
Quarter High/Low1,013.77 / 979.26
Month High/Low1,004.51 / 979.26

Index Volatility

Index Volatility are updated daily.

Index Volatility
1-month Volatility2.34
1-year Volatility2.82