MVIS® CryptoCompare Bitcoin Index

The MVIS® CryptoCompare Bitcoin Index measures the performance of a digital assets portfolio which invests in Bitcoin.

Index Performance

Index performance of price, total return net and total return gross indexes is displayed in real-time.

Year-to-Date Performance-49.44%
1-Year Performance-45.49%
3-Year Performance110.29%
5-Year Performance543.09%
Since Inception (31 Jan 2012)519,852.38%

Index Records

Index highs and lows of price, total return net and total return gross indices are displayed in realtime.

All Time High/Low148,439.73 / 7.70
52-Weeks High/Low148,439.73 / 40,823.94
Quarter High/Low53,276.55 / 41,453.78
Month High/Low53,276.55 / 42,498.65

Index Correlation and Volatility

Index correlation to selected index peers and index volatility are updated daily.

Index Correlation
MVIS® CryptoCompare Digital Assets 250.9121
MVIS® CryptoCompare Digital Assets 1000.9687
MVIS® CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100.9449
Index Volatility
1-month Volatility63.04
1-year Volatility65.31